Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Want a Puppy?

Look what we found at the farm......

Ronnie, the tennant at the farm, has two litters of puppies......

 The kids went crazy for them.           
I think the puppies were pretty crazy for the kids too!

Cheer up Meg.  We still love you most!


While John and Emily were off enjoying their week at camp last week,

David and I loaded up the Grace and Grant for a day at the zoo.

Enjoy the pictures.

They are courtesy of David's new camera.






Monkeying  gorilla-ing around!!!

Playing with the interactive displays at the gorilla forest...

Cooling of at the splash park....

And finally "learning the ropes" on the ropes course two stories in the air. 

Thanks for visiting...

please watch your step as you exit the safari vehicle!!!


  1. Beagle pups? Those are my favorite...think I could sweet talk Mama Simms into one?!

  2. bird dog pups....overgrown beagles in my opinion.

    probably not gonna get momma simms on board for that idea

    work on pappa simms, you might have a chance with him

  3. They remind me of my pup when he was little..... he's an old man beagle now!

    I LOVE the zoo pictures.... beautiful! What kind of camera do you shoot with?

    THanks for stopping by my blog, and for the nice words on my photos!

  4. David's is a Canon 5D (I think)...mine is a Canon 40D.

    Loved your blog, you're off to a grand start. Keep up the good work