Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the innocence of youth!!

Grace went to a birthday party at a kids' party place called Kazoing the other day.  The mothers who stayed to help with the party were all laughing when I went to pick Grace up.

The party was a dress up party. 

The costumes were all provided and the girls could pick what they wanted to wear.  They got their hair and nails and make-up done.

(don't get me started on making little girls grow up too fast!!)

Once they were all made up, they played music and had a runway the girls could walk on.  They got to put on a "fashion show".

Apparently Grace was really "working it" on the runway.


Emily is in the pet sitting business again this summer.

She and a neighbor girl typed up a flyer to put in mailboxes in the neighborhood.

Pretty good, huh?

They decided to add some pictures to dress up the flyer.
They did a quick web search and picked these pictures.

Emily and Katie very proudly came to me displaying their handiwork.

There is a reason I insist on reading flyers like this before my kids start putting them in the neighbor's mailboxes.
I like my neighbors. 

I want my neighbors to like us too.

This is one of the pictures Emily and Katie found online. 

Their choice of pictures left me speechless to say the least.

I suggested they delete this picture from the flyer.

They wanted to know why.

I, as any responsible parent would do, explained to them that the picture needed deleted

because ummmm,

you couldn't see all of the dogs' faces!!

I think you would agree with my editing choice, right??


gotta love 'em.

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