Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Zoo at the Zoo

Deciding to go to the zoo seemed like a good idea last week.....

until I remembered that it was the end of May

 which meant lots of buses

full of excited students

were lined up in front of the main gates. 

It was a "zoo" at the zoo.......get it???

Never mind!

We had a super time anyway!!

Grace and Grant hit it just right for feeding time at the giraffe house.

Grant did not like getting washed by the giraffe's wet tongue right after I took this picture.

We took a little (pretend) bus ride of our own while there. 


then  disembarked at the splash pad for a cool splash in the water


before sliding on out of the park


 Based on the smiles, do you think they cared that the zoo was packed??? 

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