Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why kids hate moms

Clarification to the letter I sent below:  John's hamster is a male.  John knows that too. 


I hope you are having a blast at camp.  Isn't it great?  Friends, food, fun and Jesus all in the same place.

I am taking good care of your hamster.  It had babies last night.  Ten of them!  They are so cute!

The vacuum said it missed you this morning when I used it.

Aren't you glad your sister got to stay at camp with you??? (evil laughter heard)

Only joking about the hamster.  It only had two babies.

Grace and Grant said they miss you.  They are having a blast playing with your toys though.

Only kidding about the hamster.  It only had one baby.

We  love you very much and are very proud of what a kind thoughtful person you are growing up to be.

What kind of cake do you want for your birthday when you get home?

Only kidding about the hamster.  The hamster really gave birth to a ferret.

Love,  Mom

Is it any wonder my kids hate me?  I just found this in my online account.  In today's modern world we don't write letters to our kids away at camp.  We send them emails that we have to PAY to send.  NOt like they soaked us for enough money already to take our kids for a week!!

The letter above was the letter I sent John last year.  It was still in my account file.

Below is the letter I just emailed to Emily this year.  I'm really not a texting kinda person, so I only remotely know what I just sent to her.  If it's bad, let me know so I can delete it before she gets it!!! ha ha


Whassup?  RU OK?  RU having ADIP?  or RU BTD?


I will CIL.  G2G.

OK, B2W.



Like I it any wonder they hate me??

They'll be home Friday afternoon.  I hope they are having a good time.


  1. I can only pick out about half of the meaning of E's....what does it say?!

  2. Emily,
    What's up? Are you okay? Are you having another day in paradise, or are you bored to death?

    I love you forever and ever...great big hug.

    I'll check in with you later. Got to go.

    Ok, back to work.

    Always in my prayers,


    I really did it just to aggravate her. She probably won't get any of it, but she and the girls can have fun trying to guess what it says!