Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do these things only happen in our house?

So the other day I was working in the office when I heard a strange metallic banging sound.

It didn't make a steady sound, just random banging.

I looked up to see this......


This would be Meg......

walking around with the vent stuck to her collar.


She did not seem impressed by the new dog tag she was wearing.  I think it was a bit large for her taste.

She has done this trick twice now.  She lies down on the vent because she likes the cold air.  Shift around a few times and voila, she gets her ID tag stuck between the dog tag!

Not sure how to fix this problem.....

not super high on the priority list for now.

I'll just keep her collar off of her in the house when I can remember to take it off.

Good dog, Meg.

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