Thursday, June 10, 2010

CAUTION: Long Post - No Pictures

Just some random updates of life in the 'ville......

John is playing yet another tournament game tonight.  It didn't start until eight so I kept the two little ones home to go to bed at a decent time......

Emily has a sleepover tomorrow night at the kids sports facility in town with a friend.  John is having a friend spend the night here as well......

We spent five hours at the pool today with everyone having a great time.  That WOULD NOT have happened in the previous five years because someone would have needed a nap (besides me) long before five hours had passed........

John and Emily leave for camp Sunday....I have not done a stitch of laundry yet to ge them ready!......

My Maytag dishwasher has been recalled as a risk of electrical fun........

I'm still using it as is until the repairman makes it all better this weekend.....I'm a risk taker like that!

Not to be outdone by the dishwasher, my water heater decided to spring a leak yesterday! 

I DONT DO cold showers.

I may not be laughing about the rednecks in the municipal fountains if this drags on very long.

Does anyone know anything about tankless water heaters?  We're considering one.

I am finally getting new trees planted in place of the big ash trees we lost last year.  the emerald ash bore struck down three of our four ash trees last spring.  I was not a happy homeowner.  I like my ash trees.

I'm planting elm and locust trees instead.  Guess I'll learn to like them now.

Grace and Grant are both jumping into the pool and making decent attempts to swim back to the side by themselves.  Maybe i'll have swimmers by the end of the summer.

We are babysitting for a friend of John's for a couple weeks.......beetles, two frogs and a about a real zoo around here.  We're approaching true "zoo" status.  I think I'll start charging admission.

Pictures later, I've gotta go tackle that darn ironing.  I REALLY miss my laundry guy!

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