Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bunnies, Berries and Busted Heads

We found another bunny the other evening....

this bunny we found at the house in town, not at the farm.

we loved on him and played with him, then put him back in the grass to hop on his merry little way.

Look what I made for my loving husband the other evening with our freshly picked berries.....

plus one long overdue gift of thanks to be given to my neighbor.

She was the saintly neighbor who helped me out on this day.  She's a great neighbor.  Plus she's a pediatric ER nurse at the children's hospital here in town.  There's a little peace of mind in that. 

I've called her a couple of times just to get an opinion of whether or not to panic over various strange childhood symptoms.  She doesn't mind the calls and usually gives an honest opinion.

On the particular night in question, she took one look at Grace's head and said 'Take her in. I'll watch the others'.  Now that is a friend!!

This was a few days after the face plant.  Just a green bruise and a scuffed nose left as evidence.

I called Karen the week after she watched the kids to tell her I was bringing her an apple pie I had baked that day.  I was just waiting for it to cool a bit.

David found the apple pie before I got it out of the house.

I have been nine months trying to deliver that pie to her.

I finally got it delivered Wednesday evening last week.

Thanks, Karen!!

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