Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Fun

Look what my ten year old has been doing at the farm!

While cookies were baking in the oven, the younger crowd decided to build a tunnel to connect the two beds, or more probably England and France like the Chunnel in Europe does.  For some reason they found this quite entertaining and spent more than an hour traveling back and forth from one bed to another.

They started out like this, but soon realized they needed structural support in the middle of the tunnel to prevent doing faceplants into the corner of the bottom bunkbeds!

One of our newest pets at the farm.  This is actually Grant John holding it.(sorry, I can't tell my kids apart)

Getting their seats for the fireworks show later in the evening.  We set off fireworks at the farm.  A few of the neighbors walked down the road to join us.  We had a great time setting off fireworks, playing with kids and loving on a new puppy one of the neighbors brought with them.  Emily especially LOVED the puppy.

Grant trying to get in on the action.          John was our pyrotechnic expert for the evening.

One more puzzle completed.  Mom and Dad were mean.
We waited until the puzzle was almost done then sent the kids to bed and finished it ourselves!!
I know, not very nice!!

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