Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just for fun

When life has you buried up to your neck in trials

a hug can make it better

when you seem to be headed down one of life's slippery slopes

find a friend who cares

when life leaves you feeling exposed and vulnerable

seek the wisdom of those who have gone before you

when life seems to be flying by a little out of control

or things aren't quite as magical as they first appear

remember family is forever

family is our stands the test of time

family is with us as we plow through life

on roads both bumpy and smooth

when life leaves you feeling flattened

family and friends

are the best gift

they're the ones who see us through.



  1. some "golden oldies" photo and appropiate comments withthem. The barn at home sure looks sad doesn't it?
    Love, Dad

  2. Beautiful post, and so, so true!