Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have lowered my Type A tendencies.

I no longer am controlled by the urge to make sure every toy we own gets put in the swim bag when we leave the pool.

It is a chore to track down all the toys.  Sometimes parents have to take toys from other little kids in the baby pool area since we share toys with everyone.

I finally have given up collecting our toys.  Some toys we never see again. 

The liberation from the 'toy collection' routine has taken a toll on my toy stash in my swim bag.

There aren't many toys left in the bag now.


This would be a new toy I bought yesterday for Grant to play with in the pool.

This would be the matching toy I bought for Grace.


would be

Grace's hair

tightly wrapped around the propeller of the toy.

Notice the hair is no longer attached to Grace's head.

She cried.

I almost joined her out of sympathy.

The toys are going into the trash can.

I am headed back to Target to find some more non-hair-pulling-tear-causing pool toys.


  1. We had a "Toy hairbrush, lemme see if I can use it to curl my hair" moment at our house a couple weeks back that ended much the same way as that propeller toy. R has told me she will never, ever, ever put toys in her hair again. It took FOREVER just to get it loosened enough to even attempt to cut it. She almost got a buzz cut!

  2. OUCH!!! We've had it happen at our house with other -WEAPONS- oops, I mean toys...:( Hope she's ok!

  3. Just a little premature balding in one got a place about the size of a nickel