Tuesday, July 13, 2010


 dodecahedron: (n) any polyhedron with twelve flat faces, usually a platonic solid composed of twelve regular pentagonal faces with three meeting at each vertex (according to wikipedia)

 dodecahedron : (n) the thing you spend thirty minutes with your kids making just because you can....and because the internet is a wonderful resource of totally inane pieces of information

say it with me people....



Both of my little kids have fallen out of bed this evening.

We found Grace lying on the floor behind her bedroom door crying.

I just tossed (gently of course) Grant back in bed after finding him in a puddle of tears on his floor.

Do/did your kids become restless sleepers when they get overly tired?  Mine seem to.

And they are definitely overly tired.  They aren't sleep deprived.  We've just been very physically active the past few days.  I've had them to the pool three days in a row which I usually don't do.  I usually give them a day or two off between trips.


Grant is loving the pool this summer though so I'm trying to get him in the big pool as much as I can.  For selfish reasons I'm trying to go now while the weather has been so hot.  It makes my trip into the big pool much "less cold".  I hate cold water.

I know.  I'm getting old.


Grant has become an official swimmer.  He jumps into the pool and swims a couple strokes to me.  If I back away from the wall, he can swim about ten feet by himself and grab the wall.  He can't haul his heavy rear end up over the ledge once he gets there, but he can hang on.

The funny thing is he could swim farther except he runs out of air at about that distance.  He swims face down and has not figured out how to come up to get air.

We'll work on that.


 Wisdom I have gained as a parent:

1.  Bandaids do not stick to little toes...no matter how you apply them.

2.  Dr. Seuss books (any title of your choosing) make perfect sense when only alternating pages (or alternating lines on the pages) are read.  Try it if you don't believe me.  I've had lots of practice.

3.  Five pennies in a child's hand is way more exciting to them than the quarter they gladly traded you for.

4.  Any grammar teacher would flunk me for that last sentence I just typed.

5.  It is way too late tonight to care about the poorly worded sentence above.  Live with it people!

6.  When bandaids don't stick to little toes (see point 1 above) a good alternative is to use electrical tape.  Electrical tape definitely sticks to little toes.

7.  If you don't have rolls of electrical tape lying all over your home, then masking tape is a good substitute.

8.  Duct tape is not.

9.  No, I did not try the duct tape.

10.  Yes, I did use the electrical tape after growing weary of applying at least a thousand ten bandages a day to my youngest child's little fat toe after his big brother ripped the toenail off underneath the kitchen door at the farm.

11.  Mothers with inadequate sleep become a dangerous creature when attached to a keyboard.



Good night!!

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