Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shriner's Convention??

Here they come down main street
Drums a flailin' and the sirens a wailin', what a roar!
Bands area playin' and flags are a wavin'
And the Vanguards and Motorcycle Corps

Clowns are a clownin' to the crowd
And pinchin' every pretty girl who dares to smile


It's a glorious mess, everybody wears a fez
The parade stretches out for a mile

It's a typical American phenomenon
Where all the members have a fine old time
It's the forty third annual convention
of the subdivision's fourth of july parade of bikes!!!


All four kids participated and decorated something with wheels to ride on in the parade.

They all had a great time too.  This was Sunday morning after church and before we left for the day at the farm.  We had quite a busy morning that day!

MAN, was it hot though!!

1 comment:

  1. What a cool idea! I LOVE his decoration of the powerwheels! So much fun! Looks like your kids had a blast! (it hit 104 here today..... totally feel for ya heat wise..... I'm really learning to appreciate winter this week ;) )