Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fashion - Filters - FINALLY

This is Grace once again finding the strangest outfits to model.

She is quite a fashion diva.

She wore this hat for the better part of the afternoon while walking around shaking her backside and wiggling those skinny little hips of hers. 
She really thinks she's somthin' when she's puttin' on her dance moves!!

Given the lack of "mature innuendos" that she is EVER exposed to,
I am going to have to blame a good portion of her flair for "adult type" moves on some mutated gene. 

She sure didn't get that kind of dance move from watching her mother or father.  Nor did she get those moves from any of the video content we show in this house!!!


Speaking of her father, I took this one just because he had it parked in my street the other night.  I don't see it in front of the house too often.  I think he was getting ready to go do a job somewhere the next morning.

Guess who FINALLY learned to pedal his tricycle instead of using his feet to scoot around like Fred Flintstone!!

He's telling me to stop taking his picture.  He didn't want me to watch him pedaling.

I don't see a bicycle anytime soon in his future since he LOVES his Big Truck so much!

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