Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pressing Matters and Godzilla Meets Ice Age Meets Manhattan

Pressing Matters......

Look who learned to iron while we were at the farm for a week.

No, we don't iron our play clothes, it was the pillowcases for our bed that had been freshly laundered during my cleaning blitz out there a couple weeks back. 

I had never gotten time to iron them.  Plus, I hated to iron at the farm because I never had an ironing board there.  I finally broke down and bought one for $12.  I figured a bad one is better than none in this instance.  I guess that means I have no excuse now for the wrinkled curtains hanging in that house.

Sidenote:  Every window in that house has curtains.....but no neighbors.
This house has curtains on only five windows out of thirty-three....and tons of neighbors.

I used to use lack of time as an excuse for the lack of curtains here.  I guess after ten years living here that excuse no longer is valid, huh?

She really enjoyed ironing (YAH)

Godzilla Rewritten

The toy supply at the farm is pretty limited.  It mostly is composed of the cast off toys from with missing/broken pieces or toys that went unloved at home.

The limited toy selection makes  for some creative and sometimes quite comical pretend play at the farm.
Here is a wooly mammoth whom they named Manny (from the Ice Age movie)(pretty good naming for my impaired bunch).

Manny, the wooly mammoth, apparently went on a rampage in the city but then turned from bad guy into good guy and climbed up the outside of this tall building.  Then he rescued a lady firefighter from a burning parking garage.  At least that is the way I followed the story line.  I sat and listened to them for quite a while.  They spin some pretty complex tales for two preschoolers.

Manny then stomped off to find his other dinosaur friends.

I enjoy watching these two play together (most of the time anyway).
They give new meaning to the term best friends.


  1. woolly mammoths aren't dinosaurs!

  2. Wait, you iron the sheets? WHY??

  3. I know, Cale. I guess I should explain. They also have toy dinosaurs. Nothing is played with normally. Dinosaurs get ridden by Barbies and Wooly mammoths eat tacos and rescue firemen while driving sports cars. Kinda weird sometimes.

    By the way, Cale. I'm surprised you didn't comment that it was King Kong not Godzilla who climbed the building to save the girl. I thought that as I posted it, but was too lazy to correct my error!!

    Chris, not ironing sheets typically. God forbid! Just the pillow covers that go on my decorative pillows. 100% cotton wadded up in a ball do not make pretty pillow covers! Plus it gave her something to iron that didn't matter if it got scorched!