Friday, July 30, 2010

Granny gets a ride

We started out the week at the farm by collecting a few leaves to start a leaf collection.
With 400 acres ought to be a few varieties to collect.

Granny Clampet Emily hitched a ride in the back of the pickup truck when we went collecting.
Not sure why he did it, but David gave her a rocking chair to sit in.

She seemed to enjoy the view from her new perch.

Looking at the different kinds of trees.

Trying to figure out what we were looking at

I'm curious to see how many varieties we can find over the years and to see if my kids can learn to identify trees better than I can.  Once I get past about a dozen varieties, I am lost.


Tons of pictures, just no time to sort them....
lots going on around here with vacations, school preparations, parties for kids, work, company in town, on and on.


One reason we are busy right now is the same reason we were so busy eleven years ago now....

These two, being my first babies, turned eleven yesterday.

Man I love these two.

I am so excited too.  They have now reached the age I taught for ten years.  I love relating to kids at this age.  I think they are so much fun and so interesting as they learn to navigate into a world of more choices and independence.

  I quit teaching when I had them to stay at home and be a mom full decision I could have made as a parent.  The past eleven years have alternately flown by and yet seemed like forever.

Happy birthday, John and Emily.

We love you.

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  1. we love you also John and Emily! Love, G&G Simms