Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boating 2010

This is the boat

This is Grant who drives the boat

This is the boy who learned to ski behind the boat that Grant drives

This is the tube that carried the girls that was pulled on a rope behind a boat that Grant drives.

This is the family taking a break in the water behind the boat that Grant drives  stands on.

This is the boy that hated the water.

This is the boy that loved the water.

This is the mom that skied in the water. (notice I used the smallest picture of myself I could find)

This is the dad that loved to ski

before he had kids who took his time

but ski he did pulled by the rope
behind the boat that Grant Mom drives

flying through the water.

This is the boy who hated the water
who jumped from the boat
onto his dad floating in the water.

  This is the girl who drove the boat

when all were done
playing in the water.

Again, this is the boat.

And for my mother, here are the other boats.

I know you remember this one.  I only posted it because I saw these pictures recently for the first time in ages.  I just had all our 35mm film converted to about a walk down memory lane!!

What good memories this picture holds.....both the boat and the house....what a simpler time.
what fun, too!!

OK, mom.  I guess I'd never thought about it before, but here's the pictures of the other boat we have right now.  So now you can no longer say you've never seen our boat(s).

This is the other one that hasn't been in the water for two or three years now.....too many other things going on.

I guess we hang on to it hoping one day life will slow down again.

Like that will ever happen, I know!!

A guy can dream though.


  1. May I make a comment to my FAVORITE DAUGHTER?
    While I was reading the story about the Shupe Family Boats, I realized once again that our FAVORITE DAUGHTER, needs to begin writing children's books, when she gets her family raised. If there isn't a story book in these pictures and captions, I don't know what else you could call them. Or at least to an old grandma, it sounds like a story book to me. I love your WORK and YOU. Mom

  2. Thank you for the compliment, though probably undeserved to say the least.