Friday, October 15, 2010

doing nothing and less than nothing

I've said it before....

our kids are deprived at the farm.

 There's not a lot of the usual entertainment out TV, phone, computers, video games, ipods, neighbor kids, etc.  I enjoy watching them search for things to do for entertainment.  They have to entertain themselves the old fashioned ways like we did as kids....

you know, by doing things like reading by kerosene lantern at the end of a long day fishing with cane poles, hitting metal hoops with sticks and playing baseball with rocks.

Oh, OK, I'm not QUITE that old!!

Anyway, Grant found the seed pods on a tree in the yard to be quite interesting the last time we were out there. 

He spent quite some time plucking branches off the tree

and then emptying the seeds out of the pods.

When that got boring, he decided to take a little break

in our hammock.

He makes the funniest faces sometimes.

Do you like the dirty face?

And then right back to seed pod emptying.

This is how to spend a day doing less than nothing......perfect.

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