Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lessons from Sunday

Today during lunch Grant started a conversation by saying , "My words are true".

My only response was something profound like, "Huh?!"

He repeated himself so I questioned him further as to where he had heard such a thing.

His reply? church.

OK, I'm with him now.  I know what he's talking about.  So Grace, he and I proceeded to have a little conversation about the principles they are taught at church.  We did a little fill-in-the-blanks so to speak.

They did really well. 

1.  The Bible is  God's word.

2.  God's word is true.

3.  God is  perfect .  (Grace added, and so is Jesus)

So far so good here.  They were with me and actually knew these answers, just in their own words.  We kept talking about what they had learned.......

4.  People are not perfect because we  sin.

Wow, I was impressed with what they accomplish in an hour a week.  So we continued....

5.  Jesus  died  for all people.

I thought they had done really well, but pushed ahead with one more basic fact....

and here is where they lost intellectual stature in my eyes
and where I about lost it trying not to bust a gut laughing at them...........

6.  Jesus is God's _____________________.

Now I fully expected them to know the answer to be God's son, but Grace's somewhat timid answer was.......

6.  Jesus is God's cousin??

I figured it was time to quit and leave the teaching up to the Sunday school teachers from now on.  I'll let their Sunday school teachers clear up the holy family tree during Sunday school.

And, (yes, I taught language and know I cannot start a sentence with 'and', but hey, it is my blog)(and there are no grades here)(my blog, my rules)....

And, just to round out the evening, I present to you a photo of the modern day

 "Last Supper"

These pups won't get many more chances at doing this.

Meg is so done with nursing them.  She actually runs away from them at times.  Today she growled at one when it approached her.

Where's the love, Meg??

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