Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do you think they've grown?

Life is starting to get pretty nutty (yes, more than usual) around here

The pups are three weeks old and most weigh over four pounds.  A few  are pushing five pounds.

They all walk well and some are trying a very wobbly version of run.

They bark and howl.

 They have their eyes completely open and are starting to interact with one another.

They like being held and love to snuggle in one huge pile for naps.

We started supplementing their diet with formula.  Poor Meg is a bag of bones now in spite of the huge amounts of food she consumes every day.

We will be starting solid foods (mushy of course) this week too.

I know five are spoken for and I think that number might have even climbed to seven tentatively.

Don't want to be a full time breeder on top of being full time parents and lots of other full time things, but this experience has been a lot of fun here at the zoo.

Enjoy the pictures. 

The pups aren't multiplying like tribbles in case you were wondering.

Yes, I've posted fourteen pictures....I had trouble loading files and one got loaded twice.

I'm not gonna take time to figure out who got their face posted twice.

Sometimes life just isn't fair.....so sue me! :-)

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