Sunday, October 17, 2010

Five Weeks and Feisty

Lots of misbehaving, biting, loud voices, messy accidents around here this weekend.....

and the puppies weren't very well behaved either!


There was quite a bit of rough play.  They've gotten more and more fun as the days go by.

Five Weeks Old on Friday, October 15

Yellow dog - black collar - male

 White dog - blue collar - female - SOLD

 yellow dog - purple/yellow collar - female - SOLD 

 Red dog - pink collar - female - SOLD

 yellow dog - yellow collar - female

 Red dog - green/white collar - female

 Yellow dog - green collar - female - SOLD

 Yellow dog - orange collar - female - SOLD

 Red dog - orange/blue collar - female

 Yellow dog - black/red collar - female

 White dog - white collar - male

 Red dog - red collar - female

 Yellow dog - black/white collar - female

We've moved the dogs around to the back patio.  They've got a covered porch with a 10x10 dog kennel to stay in.  This gives them more room and me more fresh air inside the garage and my car!

Thirteen puppies make a lot of poop!

Wrestling has been our favorite game the past week.  A new game seems to be emerging as the sport of choice this week.

They love to pick things up and carry them around.....whether it be a leaf, a scrap of paper or a shoe.  They just carry it around in their mouths!

At least that's what they do when they're not
trying to lick your face or bite your pants leg or chew on your hair.

 See what I mean??

Don't think for a minute she minded this.

Back to the shoe thing.  They found Grace's shoes today.  Apparently a smelly dirty croc is more enjoyable than a bonafide chew toy.  They loved her shoes.

Come on, say it with me.....awwwwwwwww!

How about that lovely scab on his head?  I'm still wondering if we've seen the last of his eyebrow!

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