Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Shupeville Aquarium - Rainbows - Eenie Meenie

Lately, this is what Grace's fish tank looks like.

Our neighbors were getting rid of their fish a few months back and brought their unwanted fish to us (because we lack pets I assume).

We dumped the fish in the tank with our own fish.  Lo and behold, about two weeks later we had two or three snails climb out of the rocks and attach to the walls of the tank.

The last time we tried to count, we stopped at seventy.

That's right.  Grace's fish tank has over seventy snails living in it along with her many fish.

I suppose that would qualify us for Shupeville Aquarium status along with our Zoo accredidation.


The other morning Grace discovered a rainbow made by morning sun coming in Grant's window and through his fish tank.

We had fun taking pictures of the rainbow on her hand.....and face....and leg....and....

well, I think you get the idea.

I especially liked this one.

I cropped it down to this shot.
Now I use it as my background on my computer screen.


Neighbor kids are frequently found lurking in our trees, our storage shed, our landscaping, on our deck, on our porch and in our garage.

I'm not worried though.

You see, this motley crew of preschoolers and kindergarteners has been playing a wickedly good game of hide and seek for the past several days. 

The funny thing is they all hide together. 

Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of the game?

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