Friday, October 8, 2010

Enjoying fall

No one is happier to see seasons change than a mother....

By the end of winter, a mom is tired of coats, boots, indoor entertainment and snotty noses..

Spring is welcomed with open arms, but soon the many rains followed with many mowings of the yard plus many many end of year activities at school make summer seem oh so promising of a needed change.

Summer rolls along with pools and vacations, hot humid days and late nights, road trips and ballgames, boat rides and bike rides....

now as summer ends, I am so happy to see

darkness come early in the evening

cooler weather and perfect blue skies

leaves changing colors and a hint of frostiness in the morning air

homework and early bedtimes followed reluctantly by early mornings to catch the bus.

Time marches on and seasons change

kids change and grow too.

Life is good. 

Smile at someone.

1 comment:

  1. Life is good! And I'm smiling at your little ones...smitten with nature. Love it!