Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You might be a mother if....

You've ever just stepped out of the shower then stopped to wonder if you just used your dog shampoo on your hair only to console yourself that at least there would be minimal risk of fleas and ticks for the next few days.

You've ever worn your daughter's tiny little socks found in the back seat of the car because you  realize upon arriving at her new school you've completely forgotten your own and you know her new principal has a crazy phobia of shoes with no socks (it's in the handbook)

You've ever pretended to be asleep hoping your spouse would give up pretending to be asleep on the other side of the bed in order to go take care of a crying child.

You've ever been driving to an important meeting at school when you realized you were still wearing the flip flops you put on when you fed the puppies instead of the dress shoes that you were trying to avoid smelling like puppies' poo.
You've ever pulled someone's tooth and your only payment was a toothless grin and a reminder where the tooth fairy should lay her gifts that night.

You've ever walked around the house looking for your car keys for five minutes only to have a child point out to you that you are holding them in your hand.

Feel free to add to the list.  Then I won't feel so alone in this insanity.

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