Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hairy Spiders or Spiders and Hares

I caught Spiderman lurking around my house the other evening.
I seldom catch him in costume. Usually I catch him half OUT of costume as he's yanking things off.

I present to you.....

It's John's old Halloween costume that I bought on clearance years ago for I think three dollars.  It has certainly paid for itself in hours of entertaining my kids.


Now for the hairy hare part of the evening......

Wanna take a guess at what Grant is hiding under his blanket?

Here's a little clue to help you.

WOW!  How did you ever guess that one?!
I guess I give pretty good hints, huh?

Mr. Bunny is getting pretty chubby.  I've heard David mention a good rabbit stew would taste pretty good.
I'm guessing that wouldn't go over so well with the twelve and under crowd around here.  We'll stick to feeding them squirrel when we want to emotionally scar them.  The rabbit is safe........promise.

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