Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo

It has been a little cold and snowy here this winter.

That has not stopped Grant from playing at the zoo.

He made his own version of a zoo the other day.
Good thing it wasn't a real zoo too.

Mr. Zookeeper, Grant, had all of the animals sharing one big fenced area.

I think they were pretty happy with the arrangement from the look on their faces.

Mr. Zookeeper seemed happy about the situation too.

In typical boy fashion though........

after carefully making sure the animals were safe in their cage.....

Mr. Zookeeper proceeded to unleash Mr. Dinosaur into the cage.

Mr. Dinosaur proceeded to eat every last zoo animal.

Kind of a bummer for the animals.

It appears Mr. Zookeeper has a dark side.
The carnage and bloodshed left him unphased and possibly even secretly delighted at the mayhem he had caused at the zoo that day.

Watch him.  He's a sneaky one.

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