Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Junk in the Trunk

Here is the obstacle course set up at the farm for the kids to play in last weekend.

John was nice enough to build the course for the little kids.  I think they all had fun playing in it though.
Here's Grace
 giving it a go.

Next it was Grant's turn.

Hey Grant, what's that in the back of your shorts (yes he still wears shorts all of the time) (yes I know it's January)(pick your battles, right?)

Oh yeah! I forgot that was there.

I stick it in there so I can get a drink whenever I need one without having to run to the kitchen and ask Mom for a bottle.  It's a really handy place to store things like swords and knives and bouncy balls and water bottles.  You should really try it sometime.  Mom says it's OK to do it.  I think she really doesn't like it, but gave up argueing with me about it.

HEY JOHN!!!!!!!!
I'd think twice before drinking from THAT bottle!!!!

PS - Add bottled water to the list of things to avoid when staying at our house.

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