Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Been a While!

It's been a while since I've posted.  We've been gone.  We've been at the farm playing.  They had about three inches of snow there as well as here so we decided to take off for the weekend to sled on the hills out there. 

The kids were dismissed from school early on Thursday and then were out Friday as well.  We loaded up after lunch on Friday and were out there Friday night and all day Saturday.  We went sledding Saturday morning.  It was VERY COLD.  It didn't take long for everyone to decide hot chocolate and potato-cheese soup sounded better than another trip down the hill.

This was the first time we'd been there in several weeks.  We've been hanging out at this house the past few weekends catching up on projects and just relaxing a little bit.  It's been a nice change of pace for us.  We did enjoy a game of cards with the older kids while we were at the farm.  I think Emily was the big winner this time.  I can't remember who came in last....ahem.

I'll try and post pictures later.  I've been doing some online research tonight and am not going to take time for pictures now.

I did want to get some of the latest Grantisms blogged (is that a word?).  It's been a while for those too!!

  • Grant (while sitting on the potty) - WIPE!!!!! (I will NOT miss this someday...promise!)
  • Grant (while waiting on me to, well, wipe!!!) - I love you, Mom.  Your eyes are so beautiful!! (now THAT I will miss someday!

  • Grant - (talking to his dad) -  Can I have a new toy?  I'll be your best friend!!

  • Grant (to Grace) - Will you play with my ten thousand kids when I grow up?  They will want to play with your kids.  How many kids to you want?
  • Grace - I think I'll have four.  I'm going to name them...John, Emily, Mom, Dad, Grant, Tinkerbell, Bella, and John. (not realizing she's gotten more names than kids OR that she named two of her kids John)

  • Grant (to Grace while getting ready for a bath) - Is it my night to be so kind? (This is their term for taking turns carrying each other's dirty clothes to the laundry hamper.  It started when Grant offered one night to put Grace's dirty clothes in the hamper.  When he returned to the bathroom that first night I told him "That was so kind of you to take her clothes."  I guess they didn't understand what I meant.  Now they take turns being 'so kind'.

  • Grant (while looking at his plate at dinner....or lunch.....or breakfast....or anytime there's food in front of him) - Have I had this before?  Did I like it?  Do I have to eat it?  Can I have peanut butter and jelly?

  • Grant (to Mom) - When I have my next birthday, what kind of old will I be? (translation: how old will I be on my next birthday?)

  • Grant (to mom) - But I don't like going to bed.  Bed is boring!

  • Grant (holding up his injured finger and crying) - I don't like my hurt finger.  It's bad!

Busy week this week.  We've got a lot going on it seems.  Grace is 'Star of the Week' at school.  I might have said that before.  I apologize if I am repeating myself.  That means she gets to be line leader, paper passer-outer, door holder, and general all-around famous person of the week.  It also means we had to color in a huge poster telling all about her favorites and her likes and dreams and on and on to put on display for the week.  She ALSO gets to take in any toy she chooses to play with during recess with her friends for the week.....a new toy each day....mind you.  She ALSO gets to take in treats for the class on Friday that she chooses.  She ALSO gets to take her favorite pet to school on Friday (Tinkerbell-Grace, the bunny) has volunteered for that job.

Star of the Week sounds a little bit like winning the powerball-lottery-of-five-year-olds does it not?

On top of her big whoop-de-doo of the week, her class is having a belated Christmas party since theirs was cancelled due to snow.  John and Emily are having an awards ceremony at school this week honoring sixth grade achievers for the first half of the year.  Grace has gymnastics.  John and Emily have two days of quick recall.  I get to go out for lunch with a friend one day (yeah!). A cat needs a trip to the vet......and on and you see why we've enjoyed a few weekends of quiet time at home.  We need it.

Several other errands need done this week as well that I can't mention yet.  Things going secret you know!!!  We're sly like that. 

Time for bed...or laundry...whichever seems the most urgent by the time I reach the top of the stairs.

Good night!  I hope you had a good weekend!

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