Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Three years ago Grace made this picture for David and me.  She was two years old at the time.

Pretty impressive huh?

The rest of the story is that she made it with the help of her babysitter.  The sitter's name was Ashley.  She babysat for us on Friday mornings so I could do errands without dragging a baby and a two year old around with me.

I loved Ashely!  Not only did she love my kids, but she loved doing creative things with them.
I never knew when I got home what I would find....paint, clay, paper, crayon.....always something.
I didn't hurt any that Ashley was an art major at U of L.  (I think she had red tempra  paint flowing through her veins!!)

Anyway, during Christmas break Grace sat down and worked for a great amount of time at her craft table.  She cut and colored and pasted away for close to an hour.
Upon completing her masterpiece, she proudly presented me with this wonderful work of art.

An early original by Grace Shupe

Notice any resemblance between these two frosty guys?

I think Ashley must have had a lingering effect on Grace's creative side.
I'm not that artsy!

Maybe Grace has a career in the arts.

Maybe a budding impressionist on my hands?
Picasso, perhaps??

Ummmmm, maybe not.

At the very least her dad and I have enjoyed her works.
Now if we could get Ashley to come back and babysit again so Grace could move on to something besides snowmen!

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  1. So sweet! Our little lady adores cutting and gluing, coloring and stamping! I need to be more intentional about tapping into her creative side thanks for the delightful reminder! And wow...totally coveting your Friday night babysitter deal. That would be amazing!
    Thanks for your sweet & encouraging comments on my tickled to know you enjoy it! Yours is beautiful...can't wait to spend more time here!