Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Last week while everyone was home for the holidays, I loaded John and Emily up one day and went to see a movie.  They agreed to see the newest Narnia movie which turned out to be okay.  John wanted to watch the last Harry Potter, but Emily and I both voted no to that idea.....too weird for us.

We had a great time together, but probably our favorite thing to see had nothing to do with the movie.  The highlight of the day came in the parking lot as we were entering the theater.

There was still a bit of snow left in piles around the parking lot.  The parking lot itself was packed with holiday partiers like ourselves enjoying a day of fun. 

One super genius decided to not walk from the far end of the parking lot.  He preferred to use a little creativity and park in the only empty space within what seemed like a mile of the front doors.

 Ummm, yeah.  Here's super genius's car.

His back tire is more than a foot off the ground.  I am certain his driver's side front door scraped the ground when he/she (I would assume only a man would park like this) opened the door to exit the car.

This picture doesn't do justice to just how incredibly crooked this car was sitting.  I really figured I was pushing my luck even taking this one picture so I didn't bother to try it from multiple angles.  I do have a little self respect still.  Sorry.

Yesterday was a super day around here.  The kids were up early and excited (gasp, I know) to get back to school.  I got the remnants of the Christmas things put away and even cleaned carpets.  I was tired of the muddy shoe prints, paw prints and general holiday grunge.  It feels nice to have clean carpets again. 

Last night I let the older kids stay up until nine o'clock.  This morning didn't have quite the chipper start that yesterday did.  I think we need to go back to an earlier bedtime.

Happy Tuesday!

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