Tuesday, January 11, 2011

are you kidding mii ???

When playing on the Wii, a person creates a virtual image of themselves.

You can pick what gender, hair color, eye color, face shape, etc. that you want to represent yourself.

It's actually kind of fun.

The possibilities are limitless.
Some Wii users have even made images of famous people that you can use.
If you want to be Batman or Ghandi, you can!!

I think there's even a Mii of Jesus if you so choose to be the Messiah.

Most people though choose something relatively close in looks to themselves.
Brown hair, large eyes, blue eyes, rosy complexion or whatever.....
Then you tell the Wii your age and height.

It then weighs you while you stand on the balance board used for playing games.
Based on what it senses on the balance board, the Wii picks a body for your 'Mii person'.
So of course I stood on the Wii balance board.

Now for the part I did not find funny.......

It picked the fat girl for my 'Mii person'!!!

Stupid Wii!!!!

Good thing it's only a game.

Good night.
I'm off to find a tub of ice cream and some potato chips!!!!

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