Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

You know, I am aware that I give unequal time to my four kids on here.  The problem?  My two older, wiser kids just don't do the goofy stuff that the younger crowd does.  My solution?  Post pictures anyway. 

John and Emily have friends and reputations to consider.  They would KILL me if I took pictures of some of the things they do, let alone post said pictures for public viewing.  That said, I am going to (guilt free) post a few pictures of some of the wacky things Grace and Grant have been up to lately.


This happens to be "MOM" serving her baby a piece of "pizza".  Notice the pizza is actually a pillow from her bed.  Apparently there is a lack of pretend food in our house.  we had to use a pillow.  The baby seemed to like the "pizza". At least I never heard it complain.


No real explanation for this one.  Grace just asked me to look at what she could do.  I'm guessing it has to do with her Dr. Seuss book "one fish, two fish".  I know there is a page in there about a guy with one sock or maybe it's from "Ten Apples up on Top" where the dog can hop on one foot while doing other stuff too.........anyway, I think we'll lay off the Dr. Seuss for a while.

Nope, no idea on this one either.......

She can roll her tongue now, so I guess that means I have to claim her as ours, huh?  No denying the genetic link now.


Grace helped me make some peach and apple pies this weekend. 

 One was for the nice lady who watched the crew while we sat in the ER with Grace.  The pie never made it to Karen's house.  My husband refused to share his peach pie decided it was better to let me do a practice pie first.  He graciously volunteered to eat the practice pie and let me know how good or bad it was.  We'll make another one for Karen this week.  Then maybe we'll hide it from Daddy until we get it out the door. 

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