Thursday, September 3, 2009

School/ Spectacles/Scouting

I have noticed lately that Grace likes to tip her head to the left when she is working on something, or playing, or talking, or really doing just about anything. I've asked her several times why she does it and have never gotten a specific answer until the other day. I posed the question to her differently. I asked her if tilting her head sideways helped keep her (too long) bangs (that she is growing out like big sister is doing)out of her eyes. She said no, that she tilted her head to see better because her eye was fuzzy. 'Nough said. Two days and a trip to the optometrist later, we learn that Grace could benefit from glasses. The doctor said a wait and see approach was OK for six months since it was only one eye and since it was only a mild change. Grace may have glasses in her future!! Funny girl, she seems excited by the prospect. I wonder if she'll feel that way after wearing them for a few days?

The other big news in Grace's life this week has been her first experience with going to school. We took Grace to meet her teacher on Wednesday. She has the same teacher John and Emily had six years ago. The meeting was short and to the point. We helped her unpack her backpack, met some classmates and then the kids played while we went over the handbook with her teacher. I never expected the comment I got from her after getting home that day. She was upset because she "really liked her school supplies and didn't want to leave them for other kids to use". She thought that by putting her things in a cubby at school, she was never going to see them again. Don't kids see the world differently? Once we cleared up that little miscommunication, she was good to go. Fired up and ready to start on Tuesday after Labor Day.

The only other newsmaker this week has been John. He started Boy Scouts this past week. So far there have only been two meetings, but it sounds like lots of things are planned for the kids to do this year. It should prove to be an exciting year for them. Hope you are all craving popcorn! I'm sure he'll be selling it soon.

Oh, did I mention Grant is into abstract art now, using black markers....on my white newly painted white wall. Good thing he is so smart for his age. At least he had the decency to use a washable marker. I am guessing those things were invented by a tired mother who was tired of chasing her own Picasso and scrubbing walls.

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