Monday, September 21, 2009

Is there a doctor in the house?

OK, by now this is not funny anymore.  First it was Grace with the
"kiss the driveway" trick.  This is how that is panning out by now....

Pretty good shiner, huh?

To add to the fun today, David started the day not feeling too well and ended up at the Dentist being tortured treated for a tooth giving him trouble.  Don't really figure anyone wants to see that in pictures.

Next was Grant's turn.  He loves spinning in David's office chair.  He needs to work on body positioning.  He managed to sandwich his head between the chair and the file cabinet's edge on a particularly wild spin giving himself a nice gash in the side of his head above his ear.

Not to be outdone by the men, Grace then managed to get her finger caught in the gears on our composter.  This peeled the skin off of one of grace's fingertips on a place about the size of a dime.  Don't you know that one hurt!!  No pictures of the last two injuries.  I don't do bloody gory pictures. 

Anyway, everyone is ultimately OK, I just kinda cringed about letting them out to play this evening.  I could only imagine what the next injury might be.

Pictures just for fun........taken before the infamous office chair incident.

good kitty!!

he plans his escape




Just like me........GONE (to bed, that is).....good night!!

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