Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More crazy outfits

Uncle Sam paid us a visit last week.  Apparently he paid the ice cream man for a very tiny ice cream treat.

He had a nice visit with the Statue of Liberty......

Do you notice anything unusual about Uncle Sam???

Nope, it's not his way cool shades.........

Nah, it isn't his cool boots either................

it would appear that Uncle Sam left an important part of his wardrobe at home this morning..........

Oh dear, now this is awkward, isn't it?


John got his new uniform for scouting this past week.  He is very proud of it. 

In fact, he is worse than a man taking medicine patiently inquiring daily as to when I am going to sew on his patches.  Is there a scouting badge for learning how to sew on scouting badges?????


The neighbor lady brough over some cupcakes left from her daughter's second birthday.  Our family takes their cupcake eating very seriously.

Gee, I wonder where they learned to do this???

Oh yeah, NOW I remember!!!!!!!


One last picture just because I liked it so much.................

Bye for NOW!!!

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  1. Hmmm I think you are supposed to click post comment before you sign out....

    Just be sure you sew the patches on the right place, otherwise you will be cutting them off and resewing them. (Voice of experience!) Also those darn things like to be crooked....