Monday, September 7, 2009

Preschool - Pits - Pairs

Well tomorrow is the big day.  This little girl 

(the one in the blue, not the furry one) will be starting her career as a school girl.  She is SO EXCITED.
We don't expect to see any of this 
when we drop her off in carpool line.  At least we hope not.
I suppose we might see a little bit of this seeing as how it is her first day and all. 
But really if there are any tears to be shed, I figure it will be me, not her.  So cheer up Grace.  Tomorrow begins your greatest adventure yet. 
We love you and are very proud of you. 
Congratulations big school girl!!!
Conversation today while swinging out back...........
MOM:  What is wrong Grace?
GRACE:  I'm itching my pit where a mosquito bit me. (rubs back of leg at knee)
MOM:  But Grace, your pit is where your arm connects to your body.
GRACE:  I know, Mom, but that is my ARM PIT.  This bite is in my LEG PIT.
Okay, then...............
With Grace in school now, I guess I won't get to do this too much anymore.
Is it any wonder that people think they're twins?

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