Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bowen Field Day at School

Friday was Bowen Field Day at school.  It is kind of a fall festival.  The principal chooses to do a school celebration in the fall instead of the spring hoping for fewer weather and schedule conflicts.  No matter when it is, it is by far all of the kids' favorite day of the year.  They rotate through different activities inside and out....fifteen minutes at each activity.  Here are some of the things they did.

They did free throws inside.  It is dark, but that is John shooting.

Emily in the three legged race

Soccer relay races

Of course, they had a bouncer.  The teachers do this with them believe it or not.

Notice the thirty or so hot stinky little bodies holding on to the parachute.  Are you ready? 

Now you see them.............

And now you don't........

Yes, all thirty some of those hot sweaty, smelly bodies are UNDER the parachute.  Don't you know that smelled pretty sweet under there?

Then it was on to refreshments.  They serve snowcones to the kids outside. 

Two hours and several activities later, it was back inside to pack up and go home for the weekend. 

Just to be fair.................

Happy Saturday!!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I'm thoroughly enjoying your's a nice reprieve from my own stressed life to read about someone else's--and it's entertaining too! Keep the pictures & stories coming!

  2. Thanks, B!! Stress relief on this end too! Ten minutes at the end of the day looking at pictures and typing in COMPLETE SILENCE is a blessing I am learning to savor every day. Hope your week goes well