Saturday, September 12, 2009

Shrubcuts and Shrimpcuts (haircuts for shrimps that is)

 No pictures to post has been a busy day though.  After putting the big kids on the bus, the little ones and I headed into the front yard to tackle the shrubs that needed a serious summer haircut.  They played and chased each other around with "whips" made of long branches I trimmed.  Not the safest, but hey, they had fun!!

I cut Grace's hair while Grant napped.  She's been growing her bangs out just like big sister is doing.  I cannot keep her hair out of her face, and I CANNOT keep headbands in her hair.  I was tired of telling her to go get a headband.  She was very agreeable to cutting it short again.  The irony of the situation?.........she had a headband in all afternoon AFTER I cut the hair out of her eyes!!  I cannot win.  Here are the before pictures.  Dont you love the bows she insisted on wearing this day?

This was pretty much what I've seen of her face the last several weeks.
It got so bad that she actually would lift the hair off her face so she could see!!
I dont have any "post-haircut" pictures to post tonight.  I guess I lied when I said I didn't have any pictures tonight.  I never really planned on putting any of this in here! 
This evening we went to the lake for one of what I am sure will be final trips to boat this year.  John tried a couple of times to ski, but just did not have it in him today.  He said he was tired.  I'm not sure if he was TIRED, or just tired of sucking lake water.  Either way, it was not his most successful attempts at water skiing.  Maybe next time.  Grace and Emily on the other hand had an absolute BLAST at tubing behind the boat.  And don't think for a minute they went together.  I got in once to ride with Grace and she informed me quickly that I could go get back in the boat.  She said she knew what to do.  Sure enough, she did too.  She made her daddy's day by proclaiming to all aboard that she wants to water ski next time.  Wonder who will be first up on skis now? hundred pound linebacker John or my thirty pound sprite Grace?  I think she would seriously try if we let her.  I'll keep you posted.

Comments heard in our house this week........

ME  No Grace you may not lock your brother in the dog kennel....well, OK, but if you do, then be sure to let him out.

ME  No, Grant, you may not pee on the flowers to water them.   No, flowers do not like the taste of pee.  No, I do not either........

ME to Grant......Sit down to pee.  You are too short to stand up and pee like your brother.  See what happened?  Now your feet are wet.

Grant  I am going to ECO to work.  Leave me alone.  (takes puzzles and sits on stairs to play with them)  (two minutes later)  OK, I'm done.  I think I peed. (standing in a puddle)

Can you tell we are trying to get the potty thing right finally?

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