Sunday, September 13, 2009


I PROMISE this one is quick with no pictures.  If you are looking for pictures, you might as well stop now.  The camera sat idle all weekend.  Contrary to how it would seem, I DO NOT run around ALL THE TIME with a camera in hand, just lots of the time.

I think this is turning into something more than keeping the grandparents up on pictures of the kids.  I am finding it is a way for me to scrapbook at lightning speed.  It might not be a "keepsake" scrapbook like the first two kids have, but hey, with four kids what can you expect?  I mean, really?

With that being said, I'm just going to summarize our whirlwind weekend so that by tomorrow night years to come, I will be able to remember what we used to do to stay so busy.

When the kids got off the bus Friday evening from school, we were loaded and waiting to pick them up for a trip to the lake.  We boated, and played and tubed and tried to ski.  David and I took off Saturday morning to the farm.  We left the four kids with their favorite babysitter.  They had a blast all day and we did too!!  We drove about ten miles past the farm to a stable where we saddled up some horses and wandered on about 150 acres.  It was a perfect day, and the place was beautiful.  We rode for two hours as we wandered through their property with the owners as escorts.  This was a very late birthday present from David.  He had scheduled us to do this last fall, but the weather was so horrible then that we had cancelled.  We are just now getting around to trying again.  I think I will request this for my next birthday too in a couple months.  It was great.  Afterward, we gingerly hobbled to the truck left to go eat a late lunch.  We then returned to the farm where David worked on gutters and I proceeded to take a nap.  I have NO GUILT associated with that last statement either.  We wandered our way home making sure to arrive AFTER the sitter had put the kids to bed.  SO NICE!!!!!  Sunday was a busy day too.  David was up early to go back to the farm and finish working on gutters.  I got the four kids up and to church for the early service, then home and changed and off to the pool for a couple hours.  Then it was back home to nap (Grant, not me) and play and work on homework for tomorrow.  David came home in time to run to sam's club to treat the kids to the cheapest dinner you can buy six people a hot dog and pretzel.  The kids were excited as usual.  Anyway, then it was home to cut John's hair, do piano lessons, baths and bed.  All that just to get up tomorrow and start over again!!

This weekend has been one big GO, Shupe, Go story.  Grant and Grace's favorite book right now of course, is Go, Dog, Go.....if you hadn't guessed.

Well, OK, I just found some OLD pictures that are my favorites.  I know I said no pictures tonight, but see what you get for sticking with me through all that rambling??  I thought you might like to remember with me........

Wow, those years go by so fast!!!

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