Monday, September 14, 2009

Health and Home

Day two of school complete and Grace still is liking it.  She gets to take her lunch tomorrow and stay an extra hour and a half.  She is very excited about that.


Grant seemed to really miss her.  He asked several times where Grace was.  He RAN to the car when I said it was time to load up and get her from school.  We went to a park today after I picked her up and ate lunch and played on the playground for a while.

Emily is sick tonight.  She came home from school and fell asleep.  She has basically slept the entire evening.  I took her temp.  It wasn't even 100, but she was warm.  We'll see how she is by morning.  Could this be the end of perfect attendance already?? She'll be heartbroken.  She made it all year last year with perfect attendance.


No other exciting news to tell.  Still waiting on Grace's new glasses to get in.  Oh, and my washing machine is on the fritz.  The guy came today to look at it.  He went back to the shop to work up a quote to fix it.  It's not sounding too good for the machine (or for our bank account either). 

OK, here are the "before" pictures of our summer project on the house.  I figure since summer is over, I might get brave and declare the house project finished.  I am still working on our bathroom and painting the basement, but that is it.


I am hoping tomorrow to get some "after pictures" of the house since we've painted and such.  If I do, I'll post them too.  Why didn't someone tell me how painful to the eyes my kitchen wallpaper was???? Aren't you my friends?  I knew I didn't like it, but after not having it for a few months, I looked at a "before picture" and my eyeballs were straining to find the kitchen among the fruit and vines!!!  Thanks, guys!!!!

Good night, all.

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