Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can Boys Wear Pink?

Notice anything unusual about this picture?

We had a wardrobe malfunction that day.
Dad was not amused.
He made me change their clothes before we left the house.
Party pooper.

Our little slice of heaven when it was lived in by renters.

I think I like it now better.

Some of the kitchen help at the farm.....
clothing optional, of course.

Seeing this makes me realize once again how fast time flies.
Grant was only seven months old when we bought the farm.

Look how tiny Grace was back then.  She's REALLY grown.
She's grown a new nose apparently.
And a talent for winking.
 And ponytails.
Emily grew out some bangs too since then.
John just grew taller and kinder.
He has a heart of gold in him.

This whole bunch is growing up way too fast.
It makes me realize why I love pictures so much.

Like you didn't already know that!


  1. What a great post full of pictures! I think boys can definitely wear pink... maybe just not pink shorts! It took me five years of fighting with DH to finally get him to buy a pink oxford. I think he looks GREAT in it; he politely disagrees, but still wears it now and then.

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  2. For the record, I love when boys wear pink! A guy who can pull of a pink button down (or pink tie) is very cool!