Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rednecks and Royalty

Grant has been somewhere......

with his dad.................

They went to the farm machinery show a couple weekends ago.  He LOVES his tractors.  David said the show was full of men in blue jeans, boots and bill caps.  Just his kind of place.....redneck paradise.

I think the popcorn was a bigger hit than the tractors.

Right after the picture was taken, he dumped the popcorn on the floor (butter and all) and drove his four wheel drive trucks through it like he was offroading.  No pictures.  I was too busy trying to rescue my carpet!!  Little stinker!!

Bedtime routine.....

with a little friendly elbowing.


The castle made an appearance here today.  This belongs to John.  I finally found the instructions and put it together for him today.  He's only been waiting a few months a couple weeks for me to get it done.  The little ones went wild over it today. hour spent constructing a castle equals about two hours of kids playing happily so I can get things done.   I like that kind of math.

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