Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monkeys in church

Poor Grant was unhappy the other day about something or other.  I do not remember what the issue was. 

Here he is winding up for a full blown three year old fit.

Throwing himself down and sobbing......never mind the ground is snow covered.

WOW! That kid can throw a fit.

Is this Grace's version of a four year old fit on the driveway?

Nah, she's body surfing on John's skateboard!

Do you like Grant's monkey pajamas?

The nursery workers at church did Sunday.  This is what he wore to church after throwing a three year old fit.  I had him dressed and ready to go.  He started throwing such a fit that I finally put his dirty PJ top back on him just so I could get out the door.
Don't think for a moment my first born kids would have gotten away with such ugly behavior.  They're wearing me down though.  I'm getting weak. 

Some days the victory just doesn't seem worth the battle.  Sunday was one of those days.

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