Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Little Help Here, Please??

Grace all bundled up to go play in the snow, but BECAUSE she's ALL BUNDLED UP she was having a little difficulty with the PLAY part of the equation.

Still catching up around here.  Two days sick plus two snow days for kids equals about four times further behind than normal.

Off tomorrow to work the book fair at school.  Then down to the middle school to turn in my children's applications for next year.  They are due Friday.  We just got them last Wednesday.  Not much of a window of time to work with there to squeeze two essays and a survey out of each reluctant scholar.  After that, off to a late afternoon meeting then dinner for everyone before John's boy scout meeting tomorrow night.  Grace has gym then Friday morning.

I'm going to turn around and it will be Saturday again!!
Not complaining, just observing!!!

This my friends............... 

is hat head after a day playing in the snow.
No more for John, though.  I cut his hair tonight.

He was bummed. 

  This my friends..........

is how David dealt with................ 

 the annoying happy meal toys.............


He is such a mature role model for the children.

I wonder............
do these come in a larger size???

I could use a few..........

four to be exact!


  1. Great post! If you find them in a larger size I'll take 3, no make that 4 too. Don't forget one for the hubby! ;)

  2. So funny! I have a musical christmas gift bag that I put in my guest bedroom closet that goes off everytime I turn on the light! With the door closed and everything! Finally, my husband pulled the wires out of the back to shut it up :) Thanks for purchasing BlogFrog's premium package!

    I found your blog through