Tuesday, February 2, 2010

No Kidding

Do beer and donuts make a nutritious snack?

Did I mention the snack was for my "mean dogs"?

No kidding.  They picked a beer bottle and a donut as chew toys for the dog the other day.

No kidding.  They have chewed on the new dog toys more than the real dog has.

No kidding.  They have played "mean dog" until I'm literally ready to lock them in their own kennels.

No kidding.  They are starting to worry me a bit. 

No kidding.  I WISH I were kidding.


  1. Just 'found' your blog. I laughed all the way through the post! Great pictures also!

  2. Did they chew on the toys before or after Meg did? Now I'm a little worried...

  3. The dog seems more upset about them being there than they do!! Fun post!