Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things to do when it snows A LOT

- watch more movies than recommended by child experts

- eat too much popcorn while watching too many movies

- teach your son how to play backgammon (and watch him beat you his first game)

- sleep through the alarm

- play in the snow

- build a snowman

- shovel the neighbor's driveway

- drink hot chocolate

- wish school would not be cancelled again

- watch it snow some more

- shovel the neighbor's driveway again

- bake cupcakes with your daughter

- play Hi Ho Cherry O ten too many times to be enjoyable

- turn on another movie

- weep quietly when school announces another snow day

- count the days until spring

- put together the slot car track and spend mindless hours running little cars in circles

- learn to play a mean drum on Rock Band

- dig old toys out of the attic to play with

- read online of other mothers suffering the same plight as yourself

- go to the bookstore (the one with the Thomas the Train toys to play with) to kill a few hours even though the roads are awful

- go to three bookstores before finding one even open because of the weather

- work on webelos badges until son and mother are thoroughly tired of working on badges

- read Helen Keller biography with daughter

- read Thomas the Tank Engine with son

- read online about more mothers stuck at home with their kids going insane spending a wonderful winter day with their children

- put kids to bed

- wake up and repeat previous twenty-seven steps

So what have you been up to the past couple days??

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