Tuesday, February 9, 2010


1 -  2 blocks of ice from Don't Break the Ice

2 -  1 pink monkey from Jumpin' On the Bed

3 -  1 green pirate sword from Pop Up Pirates

4 -  2 kebob sticks from Melissa and Doug Grillin' Set

5 -  1 round token from Jumpin' on the Bed

6 -  4 kebob meat pieces from Melissa and Doug Grillin' Set

7 -  1 yellow checker from NASCAR checker set

8 -  1 monkey timer from Giraffe Scramble

9 -  1 red checker from NASCAR checker set

10 -  2 earrings from Pretty Princess game

11 - 1 gameboard piece from Pretty Princess game

Yup, I am OCD like that.......I actually make a list now and then when I clean the playroom just to see how bad things have gotten.  You see, with the first two kids......

game time was fun.  We played nicely and followed the rules.  There were many hours spent playing games AND THEN PUTTING THEM AWAY.

With these two.......

well, it just doesn't seem to work that way.

The object of their game is to see who can empty the most games onto the floor and how far pieces can be scattered throughout the house.  Bonus points are given for doing this the quickest.




So, yes, I do make lists.  Usually they aren't as long as the one here, but hey, I've not REALLY cleaned the playroom for a while....and what else is a mother to do on a snowy cold day in February with four children and many neighbor children parading through her house?

Cleaning is therapy you know.  And I think I have another item to add to my Toy MIA list above......

12 -  Mom's Mind

Yes, I might just lose my mind.  I just got a text message from the school that school is cancelled again tomorrow.  Yes, I might very well lose my mind soon.

Oh well, as long as it's on the list at least that give me something to celebrate when I find it again someday!!!

Good night!


  1. I'm moving to Louisville. Having class cancelled tomorrow would be FANTASTIC. Amount studied for big test tomorrow=not NEARLY enough. Slap-happiness kicking in. And freak out mode. Laundry's still in the dryer, my OCD mind won't let me skip working out at 6 am tomorrow...but heaven forbid we cancel class. For as the Daily Eastern News says: "In general, we do not cancel classes too often because we have so many students in residence in Charleston, either on campus or proximate to campus. Leaving them with nothing to do is something we try to avoid." I noticed. Refer to my to-do list. GIVE ME A DAY OF NOTHING!!

  2. Hang in there! Remember, once you survive this (and you will), you'll graduaate and the world of adulthood kicks in fully.....(no snow days there)(except the kind you hate)(like the one tomorrow)

  3. LOL. I have a bag filled with mysterious game pieces!!! One day they will find a home