Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peculiar Parenting 101 - Part 2

Since my last post, I've been thinking of all the nutjob (that IS a word in the dictionary by the way) (my picture is not listed beside it) (yet) things that I have done in desperate moments.

Some have been flashes of pure brilliance......others need inducted to the hall of shame.

One is a little invention I've come up with that while rather gross is quite effective.  Did you know chewing gum will bond things better than super glue, mighty putty or hot glue?  I don't even remember what I was "fixing" the first time I used it.  I've done it many times since....always with good results.  I just figured if it's so hard to get dry gum OFF of something it's not supposed to be on then maybe it would work equally well when you want it to.  Presto, new tool in my "mom, would you fix this?" toolbox.

One of the less than proud moments involved me, Grace, a swimming pool and a dirty diaper.  The diaper was hers, not mine, in case you were confused about that.

I had taken the three kids to the pool one day when Grace was very small.  Of course tiny babies poop A LOT.  I realized AFTER I stripped my three month old baby down to her poopy diaper that I did not have any wipes in my swim bag.  No one else was swimming at the time so I had no one to borrow from.  If I bundled her back up and took her to the restrooms, I would have to drag the big kids out of the pool.  At that time, I didn't let them in the pool unless I was right there.  (I don't always trust teenage lifeguards)  I didn't want to make them get out of the pool.  I had no one to borrow from.  I did the only thing left to do.

NO, I did NOT wash her off in the pool.

Shame on you for thinking that.

I spit on her.

Hey, it worked.

I could list twenty more bad parenting moments that come to mind.  I'll spare you the list.  If you're a parent, you have your own list.  If you're not a parent, I don't want you thinking I am crazier than you already do.

Typing is therapy.  There is health in honesty.

Typing is therapy.  It relieves stress.

Typing is therapy.  Life never seems quite so bad when I go back and read it later.

Now go do something besides laugh at my insanity.

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  1. Sounds very similar to some of the things I've done as a parent! It definitely calls for creativity!