Sunday, February 21, 2010

The 'P' Word Strikes Again

Long time, no blog!!!

Would you believe we've been sick around here AGAIN????

Well, believe it.  Not fun.

Grant started in with the "regurgitation" thing (I refuse to use the 'P' word) while at the book store last Monday.  I sat on the couch with him all evening and most of the night.  He was getting sick just about every twenty minutes most of the night.  He has been dragging ever since then....alternately running a fever or getting sick at one end or the other. (I know TMI, sorry)

John then started in with it Tuesday which thankfully was a snow day.  David and I both got it Tuesday evening.  The three of us were in a contest to see who was the most miserable.  Grace started in with a milder version the next day.  Emily dodged the bullet this time.

I am hoping that is the end of the sickness for a while.


Anyway, I'll try to catch up with my blog/scrapbook/journal entries of what's been going on around the zoo since last week.

Not all at once mind you....that would take too long and bore anyone reading as well.

I don't know if I've even noted this yet or not, but John and Emily both made All-County Chorus this year.  They auditioned at school two weeks ago.  They are both excited.  John also auditioned for All-County Band.  He thinks he's made it.  He actually had to reaudition against one other boy because there was such tight competition for the spot.  We'll find out this week for sure. 

He made All-County Band as a fourth grader last year which is not supposed to happen.  It is supposed to be for fifth graders, but his instructor selected him.  I didn't know at the time it was limited to just two kids per school in the county.  It wasn't until parents started telling me congratulations that I sat up and took notice of what he had actually accomplished.  Add that one to my Parenting Hall of Shame list!!!

Pictures from last year's All-County performance......

He's the one in the fifth row on the left side playing trumpet.  HA HA  I know, I know. He really is there though.  Good luck finding him though.  They look like little ants from the balcony where we were sitting.

Much more later......right now it is BEAUTIFUL outside.  I am taking the kids out to play for an hour or so before dinner rolls around.


Emily:  Where's Mom?

Grant:  She's in the washing machine. (meaning the laundry room)

(this little speech gets recited at least once a day right now)

Grant: I love you, Dad.

Dad: You are my buddy.

Grant:  You're MY best buddy.

Together: .....and WE DON'T LOVE GIRLS!!

Question: How do you know when Grace is straying from the truth?

Answer:  When she starts ANY sentence with "Well,......."
(I finally figured that one out)(I hope she continues this pattern through the teenage years)(That little piece of ammunition will make parenting her as a teenager easier)(not that I condone lying)

Question:  What does Grant HATE?

Answer:  Having his toenails trimmed.

Question:  What game are the kids still playing that drives me nutso?

Answer:  Mean Dog

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  1. Glad to hear that everyone is on the mend and I hope you all are able to stay well! I've been MIA too lately, but thankfully for different reasons. I have two teenagers in the family and they certainly keep us hopping.