Thursday, February 11, 2010

When Water IS NOT a Beverage

Emily:  MOM!!!
Grant: She's in the washing machine!!! (meaning in the laundry room)

Grant:  I'm thirsty!
Mom: Wait until we're done.  I'll get you a drink. (told for the twentieth fifth time)
Grant: But I'm dying!!
Mom:  Then get a drink already.....(very tired of this ongoing argument)
Grant: (after sucking in a mouthful of bathtub water he is sitting in) That's better!  Thanks Mom!  You're the greatest!! (OK, maybe I added that last part myself)

I just thought this was pretty.  I was at the parking lot for the kids' (hoped for) middle school for next year when this caught my eye at the back of  the lot.  Just thought I'd share.

 The finished product for the science fair.  They finally got to turn them in today with schools reopening.
They turned in a nice project I thought.

Either we have a hostage crisis on our hands, Rip VanWinkle is sleeping on our couch, or Grant has upgraded from underwear to Grace's tights as the undergarment of choice to cover his cranium.

What a nut job this one is!!!

 Grace has selected this season's hottest new red to help showcase her new role as Santa Claus.
Here you will see Grant acting as a three year old on Grace's Santa's lap telling what he wants for Christmas.
I guess it is good to lay my camera down once in a while.  David has taken several of the shots of the kids lately.

Is he playing Peek-a-boo??
Nope, not on your life.

He is.........


of the


Remember this knock down?  They were playing Hamsters on David's iphone that night too.  Grant holds it up to his face like this so Grace can't watch him play.

The sad thing???  He scores higher playing like this than I can when I really TRY!!

Grace just came stumbling downstairs half asleep.  I'm gonna go rock me a little girl!

Good night!


  1. God bless you and them both! Grampa

  2. How cute. I remember science project time!!! I kissed that goodbye once I started homeschooling. LOL