Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sit down to pee, please!

Grant set up a movie theater in the middle of my kitchen the other day while Grace was at school.  Everyone, visible or invisible, had a seat, a drink and a snack. 

The movie screen?.......the memo board on the fridge.

We sat and "watched" Nemo and Ice Age.  Those double features about kill me!

Grace "posing" with the hundred piece puzzle her dad helped her finish.
She asked me after I took the picture if that was a good pose.
She's WAY too old for her short years.

Someone's cooking in the kitchen.

There was a substitute chef while Grace was at school Tuesday.

Looks like he's making coffee and cookies.

Come see us.  I'm sure he'd share with you too.


 Heard today in the zoo.............

Dad:  Get the snuggies off the bunny, Grant.  It can't breathe.  Take the football helmet off the bunny too.

 Grace:  What are you doing, Mom?

Mom:  Cleaning the potty.....Get off my back Grace.  You make this difficult.

Grace:  Why are you cleaning the potty?

Mom:  Because someone in this house has bad aim.  Who do you think that would be?  Get off my back again.  You can't sit on my back while I clean.

Grace:  I know!!  The boys did that.........they have penises! (right you are little girl) (score an A in Anatomy)

(heard upstairs while kids playing).....MOM, MOM, HELP ME!!

Mom: (yelling up the stairs) What do you need, guys?

Grant: Not you.....I meant "little mom" ( meaning Grace).(I guess they were playing house)

Pretend play in this house takes some wacky turns.  Our sitting room is known most days to be a helicopter where they take off to go on their adventures.  The kitchen is apparently a movie theater now.  Grant's bedroom is ECO.  Grace's bed is the swimming pool inside their house which is Grace's entire bedroom.  Her closet has recently been the doctor's office.  The bathroom was the vet's office and our shower was the library where they read their books.  I need a map just to get around in my own house some days!!

Good night!

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  1. I love your little excerpts from conversations at the bottom - real life is so funny ;o)